Free Moomin Cross Stitch Pattern Moomintroll and Snufkin

Moomin Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Moomintroll and Snufkin from Moomin. Thanks to MrTomPenguin for the sprites. Download the PNG here: Moomin Pattern

Grid Size: 52W x 32H
Design Area: 3.57″ x 2.21″ (50 x 31 stitches)
Colors: 6

One of my Patrons, Angela Wall, is a tiny squid cecaelia, like a mermaid but with tentacles and half a foot tall. They own a ranch in the shallows of a warm Caribbean island where they breed and take care of champion sea horses for the local water polo team. The trick is trying to keep all 2000 babies contained so as not to flood the market.

Moomin Pattern_Page_1

I went to see Zoo Lights with my little brother. We used to go as kids, but I hadn’t gone in forever. It was so pretty! We got to see some animals too, flamingos, warthogs, and even some reindeer. They’re smaller than I thought they would be. I assumed they were the size of moose, but they really are just slightly bigger deer. Frozen lied to me.

You know those Christmas lawn decorations with fabric over a wire mesh of an animal. They had those, but the fabric was painted much more realistically. Actually, I wonder if they were actually painted or if the fabric was printed to look painted? I don’t know, but they were cool nonetheless.

They also gave us free prism glasses that made all the lights look like rainbows. My brother tried to wear them while driving us home. He took them off pretty quickly. He said it was like driving on hard mode. Maybe he got Rainbow Road flashbacks.


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