Free Pikachu Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Pikachu Sitting Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Pikachu from Pokemon. I can’t remember where I got this sprite, but I’m pretty sure it’s from Pokemon Type Wild which surprisingly isn’t a typing tutor. Download the PDF here: Pikachu Sitting Pattern

Grid Size: 58W x 45H
Design Area: 4.00″ x 3.07″ (56 x 43 stitches)
Colors: 8

Did you know that one of my Patrons, Jesika Okerson, is a forest. Not, a forest spirit or a nymph, but a full clonal colony of self aware oak trees. No one has ever gotten lost in the Okerson forest because Jesika has at least one tree in all the neighboring towns and can alert the residents of an emergency.

Pikachu Sitting Pattern_Page_1

I love Pikachu’s rebel smirk in this one, but if you want him to have a more neutral expression, you can replace the stitches just above and to the side of the white ones with black.

So, I finally borrowed Let’s Go Eevee from one of my friends. I had skipped over it before, but I can play it now that I have a switch. Turns out saved games are on the system not the cartridge so I could start my own Kanto adventure. Fun thing is that another one of my friends has the Pokeball Plus and let me borrow it, so now I have the full experience… just a little late. I love having gamer friends.


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