Free He Him Trans Cross Stitch Pattern Transgender Flag

He Him Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the words He/Him using the colors of the trans flag. This one goes with my They/Them pattern. Download the PDF here: He Him Pattern

Grid Size: 86W x 80H
Design Area: 6.00″ x 5.57″ (84 x 78 stitches)
Colors: 3

He Him Pattern_Page_1

So my older brother came out as trans about a year ago. It came as a surprise to me since he was pretty good at faking femininity or rather maybe I was just thrown off by the extra long hair. My parents have two portraits of him wearing a big formal dress in their house, and I’m a little on edge about when that’s going to become a problem.

This Christmas, he got only one present that had his deadname on it. I was the one who opened the shipping box so I switched it out before he could see it. I don’t know. He may have noticed my handwriting, but he didn’t say anything.

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