Free Totodile Evolutions Cross Stitch Pattern

Totodile Line Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr from Pokemon. Thanks to Bean and Kyleboy for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Totodile Line Pattern

Grid Size:64W x 144H
Design Area:4.57″ x 10.29″ (64 x 144 stitches)
Colors: 12

My Patron, Rev Reptile, is a magma titan who has grown so old and powerful that they have decided to take up residence under the ice at the south pole so they can chill out for a bit. It’s been so long since they’ve been solid and it feels amazing.

Totodile Line Pattern_Page_1

I’m so frustrated. I don’t want you all to look at everyone on social media or youtube and see that everyone is happy and think that there is something wrong with you. I don’t want you to only see posts about people learning new skills and working out in their home gyms and think that you’re weak for not being able to do those things.

This is hard for me and I’m scared.

I want to make these beautiful things for you and I want to post everyday, but I can’t help thinking about how when I talk to my brothers there sometimes comes this silence in the conversation where I can tell we want to keep talking but there’s nothing to talk about because nothing has happened.

And the more nothing happens the more I reach out to them for comfort and the more silences I have to hear, because I have something important to say, but I can’t say it because they already know, and no one wants to talk about that, because we’ve all talked about it already and nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed and I hate it.


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