Free Misako Cross Stitch Pattern River City Girls

Misako Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Misako from River City Girls. Thanks to Mysticus for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Misako Pattern

Grid Size:53W x 62H
Design Area:3.64″ x 4.29″ (51 x 60 stitches)
Colors: 14

This pattern was requested by my Patron, NinjaGoemon, a mighty sea serpent working to rescue the lost souls of sailors wandering the ocean floor. She’s fastened a line of tube worms down her back so that they sing as she swims in hopes that the ghosts will hear it and come to her.

Misako Pattern_Page_1

As much as I hate talking about depressing stuff, I feel like not talking about it is somehow the same as sweeping it under the rug.

This last month has been really tough for me and I’ve tried going on walks, and learning to use my old sewing machine, and cooking more, but there’s always this dread in the back of my mind with everything I do, that nothing is right and nothing has been right for a long time, I just didn’t notice it until I realized it was affecting me.

And now I fear the virus going on forever and I fear the world going back to normal, because normal sucked and normal can’t stop what’s been put in place because normal put it there from the start.

I’m sick and tired of normal.


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