Free Lumpy Space Princess Cross Stitch Pattern Adventure Time

LSP Small Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. Thanks to Ploaj for the sprite. Download the PDF here: LSP Small Pattern

Grid Size:29W x 29H
Design Area:2.07″ x 2.07″ (29 x 29 stitches)
Colors: 5

My Patron Nat has trained their Ratatosk to climb the radio tower. Right now they’re helping to repaint the top of the tower together. At the end of the day, Ratatosk will track little orange paw prints all over the station before Nat can wipe them.

LSP Small Pattern_Page_1

Adventure Time has a strange method of story telling that lends itself to a lot of creativity, but can sometimes be a little hard to follow. Everything has this dreamlike quality where characters float from one thing to another almost as if the story was being told by more than one person and everyone has a different idea of what’s important. Obstacles are introduced and solved sometimes in the same sentence and characters will make exposition-like statements as just another part of normal dialogue. It all leads to a show that is deeply rooted in the medium of story telling without needing to resort to having a narrator.

I haven’t seen all of Adventure Time, but it would not surprise me if it was all a series of bedtime stories or even a roleplaying campaign.


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