Patreon Only Potted Plants Cross Stitch Pattern Garden

Potted Plants Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a bunch of plants in pots. It’s meant to be stitched in a hoop. Become a Patron today and get this pattern in PDF and PNG format.

Grid Size: 139W x 144H
Design Area: 9.79″ x 10.14″ (137 x 142 stitches
Colors: 6

My Patron Jesika Okerson is a sentient forest. When someone in the nearby town dies, the townsfolk will float a lantern down the river that runs through the Okerson Forest. They believe that the spirits of the dead will become trees. Jesika doesn’t have the heart to tell them otherwise.

Potted Plants Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I’ve been playing BESM lately. It’s a tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but much much easier to customize and play. Part of the appeal of D&D is all the limitations and rules that lead to a more grounded game like experience and progression. BESM is much more focused on group story telling with a more flexible “rule of cool” system.

I’m currently playing a human librarian who is slowly being consumed by a giant gold mechanical roach from another world.

There are no set races or classes. BESM lets you pick and choose abilities during character creation. The GM will give you a point limit and abilities with a greater impact on the world cost more points. So you can take a whole bunch of low cost powers for a jack of all trades character, or you could become a powerhouse at doing one thing.

It’s a lovely system and I adore the creativity it encourages.


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