Free Highway Blossoms Cross Stitch Pattern Amber and Marina

Highway Blossoms Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Marina and Amber from Highway Blossoms. The image is from the Steam page. Download the PDF here:Highway Blossoms Pattern

Grid Size:98W x 86H
Design Area:6.86″ x 6.07″ (96 x 85 stitches)
Colors: 11

My Patron, NinjaGoemon, has been giving poltergeist lessons. Turns out that the key to manipulating objects from beyond the grave is remembering what it was like to touch things. What really is soft? It’s hard to describe.

Highway Blossoms Pattern_Page_1

So I started playing this game, and it’s just okay up until the treasure hunt starts and then the fun begins. Honestly, I would have liked to have the game start in medias res at Shiprock and we could learn about the car breaking down and getting stolen through flashbacks or dialogue. It would have made a funny scene where someone asks where the girls got this mysterious treasure journal and they could have said that they got it at a gas station like everyone else. Then you could avoid the plot hole of not reporting the stolen car to the police.

For me the best parts of the story are when Marina and Amber react completely differently to something and make compromises. They don’t have a whole lot of chemistry early on so having them both face an event in different ways highlights their individuality and brings them closer together far better than a long uncomfortable one on one conversation in an RV.

Also, it’s kind of weird that there are two prominent characters named Marina and Mariah. Mariah is fantastic by the way. She’s just abrasive enough to get a reaction out of the other characters, but not so annoying as to get in the way of the plot. She’s a top tier supporting character.

I am still excited to see where the story goes, and I’ll keep playing. The voice acting is good and I really like the music. I can’t recommend it to everyone, but the world needs more lesbian road trip love stories.


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