Free Alligator Cross Stitch Pattern American Murder Log

Alligator Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a crocodile with the quote “American murder log”. Thanks to Mike W for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Alligator Pattern

Grid Size:89W x 45H
Design Area:6.21″ x 3.07″ (87 x 43 stitches)
Colors: 5

I have a Patron, Guichart Axelle, who sails from port to port playing concerts on the shoreline. One time they anchored their ship beneath a cliff and set up fireworks to go off during the show. Luckily nothing caught on fire, but they’ll be switching to smoke and lasers next time.

Alligator Pattern_Page_1

I rented a canoe recently. Apparently they just let you do that without any lessons or anything. They just assume you’ve done it before. Of course I’m the pinnacle of boating prowess, but surely other people would have difficulty even getting out of the marina.

Actually, we didn’t ask if we were allowed to take the canoe out of the marina…

Ah, it’s fine. The sleepy teenager who gave us the paddles probably didn’t care as long as we got it back in time.

Well, it was a good thing we did take it out. It was such a peaceful day and there were plenty of wildlife out an about. Every so often we would see a fish splash the water and one time I got a good look at a whole fish breaching completely out of the water. It was a huge fish too and I could see all the scales and everything!

Then there was this flock of waterfowl, maybe ducks, I don’t really know my birds. They were all chilling in the lake together until we came along and got a little too close and suddenly all of them started running across the water to fly away. It was awesome to see them all moving at once so close up.

Sure my arms were tired once we got back, but I think canoeing could become a sport that I actually like.

No alligators though thankfully.


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