Free Bugsnax Cross Stitch Pattern Bunger, Crapple, Pinantula, Scorpepper, and Strabby

Cross stitch pattern of Bunger, Crapple, Pinantula, Scorpepper, and Strabby from Bugsnax. Download the PDF here: Bugsnax Pattern

Grid Size:168W x 100H
Design Area:11.86″ x 7.00″ (166 x 98 stitches)
Colors: 12

My Patron, Deb, is an ancient island turtle who has agreed to help raise some newly hatched islands. Now there’s a little archipelago of turtles following them around everywhere they go and Deb feels just 1000 years old again.

Bugsnax is fantastic. All the designs of all the little critters are adorable and their animations are so creative. I love how every bugsnak has clear movements so you can always tell what they’re going to do. It makes solving the puzzle of how to catch them more about how well you know the mechanics and less about how lucky you are.

Bugsnax also has two cannon queer couples! And the true ending doesn’t even fall into the Bury Your Gays trope. It’s so nice that LGBT relationships have become just a normal thing in kids media. There’s always talk about “oh think of the children”, but there’s still that trend towards acceptance that I love to see.

I saw a video from the developers as they watched a speedrunner break their game and it was funny to hear they’re reactions, but one thing stood out to me. I had watched a few other similar videos of other developers watching speedruns and they all used he/him pronouns for the speedrunner, but the Bugsnax crew consistently used they/them. Yeah, speedrunning is mostly a boys club, but I love how Young Horses never made any judgments about the gender of the speedrunner, and it makes me feel so accepted, that at least one developer out there gets it and not just as a publicity thing.



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