Magic the Gathering Cross Stitch Pattern Black Lotus Card


Cross Stitch Pattern of the Black Lotus card from Magic the Gathering. This is the Chris Rahn version. Go to for the full image. Download the PDF here: lotus-pattern

Grid Size: 300W x 225H
Design Area: 21.43″ x 16.07″ (300 x 225 stitches)
Colors: 23

Okay, I’ll confess. I don’t actually know how to play Magic the Gathering, but I do have a vague understanding that Black Lotus is OP. Three free mana seems like a lot for just one card. What I do know is that this card’s art is amazing! I’ve taken a look at Chris Rahn’s other work (and you should too). I think the strongest aspect of his work is his choice of lighting. You can see here that there is this beautiful purple glow emanating from inside the flower that contrasts so nicely with the washed out grays and browns of the battlefield around it. You can really tell that the black lotus has absorbed all life around it. If you have the card Browbeat, you can see a superb use of lighting. The lighting crackles behind the clouds like fire. It’s fantastic!




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