Patreon Only Wizard of Oz Cross Stitch Pattern Poppy Fields

Poppy Field Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Toto and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz sleeping in the poppy fields. Subscribe to my Patreon to download the PDF and PNG files.

Grid Size: 77W x 94H
Design Area: 5.36″ x 6.64″ (75 x 93 stitches)
Colors: 2

My Patron, Sarah Roe, has the ability to record their own dreams and implant them into other people. They’ve gotten pretty good at lucid dreaming so that they can create custom dreams for clients. People will even pay them to research certain experiences so that the dream will seem more real. One time Sarah spent a whole month on a pirate ship just to get that authentic salty atmosphere. The client loved it!

Poppy Field Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I’ve been taking testosterone for a little over a month now and it’s wild how much I feel has changed as opposed to what has actually changed, which is very little. I guess in my head, I wasn’t allowed to do certain things until I started HRT, like somehow having a doctor back me up meant that I was suddenly more qualified. My doctor doesn’t care if I buy cargo shorts and dad sandals, but it feels like I’m free to do that now when I wasn’t before.

I wore cargo shorts for the first time, outside even! Yeah it was at a pride event, but I even rode the train all the way there wearing them. Everyone could see my hairy legs and I knew that no one would say anything, but it was still scary knowing that someone could come up to me and make fun of me for it.

When I was young, like fourth or fifth grade, I wore shorts for a field trip. I still remember one of the female chaperones pulling me aside to tell me that I should ask my mommy to show me how to shave my legs. It was mortifying and I have worn pants ever since even in the summer so that no one could see my hair.

Well, here’s the first step. I don’t want to shave anymore, ever. Maybe one day I’ll have a body that will match the hair I was born with. Maybe someday I can be proud of it.



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