Free Here Be Dragons Cross Stitch Pattern Wisteria Art Studio

Here Be Dragons Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a knight riding a bearded dragon lizard based on art by Lillith Briar from Wisteria Art Studio. Check out their Instagram for more adorable art. Download the PDF here: Here Be Dragons Pattern

Grid Size:100W x 100H
Design Area:6.93″ x 6.71″ (97 x 94 stitches)
Colors: 6

Here Be Dragons Pattern_Page_1

Check out @LilithBriar on Twitter and Deviantart.


So I go to the same clinic that Lillith’s mom works at, and one day she saw I was wearing a ComicCon t-shirt and asked me about it. Turns out her daughter does booths at conventions selling art and we got into a conversation about it since my brother also sells at tables. She had some of Lillith’s pins, old discontinued stock, and gave me one for free with a card. She’s a really sweet lady.

Then I checked out the Art by Wisteria Instagram and everything is just so cute! I fell in love with this image of a bearded dragon and sent her a message about a collaboration. It all came together and this pattern is the result. I love this cute chibi knight!


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