Free Bomberman Cross Stitch Pattern

Bomberman Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Bomberman with a bomb. Thanks to ReyVGM for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Bomberman Pattern

Grid Size:78W x 64H
Design Area:5.43″ x 4.43″ (76 x 62 stitches)
Colors: 13

My Patron, Sarah Hancock, is the bound consciousness of a clay golem that has long since disintegrated into dust. Patron’s particles are spread across a vast plateau and Sarah can flit between them almost instantly. Even if Sarah is destroyed, as long as a single speck of their original clay remains in the mesa, they can reach it and rebuild by connecting the dirt around a single particle of clay molding it into a new body.

Bomberman Pattern_Page_1

I’m not really sure why I don’t like Bomberman. I really should. It ticks a lot of my boxes. It’s got puzzle elements and explosions. You can see everything and the controls are easy to understand, but for some reason it’s just not a game I want to play. Actually, I’m not sure why I like my favorite games in general. Like, I would say that I don’t like timed games, but I love Katamari Damacy. I would say that I don’t like shooting mechanics, but Portal has a gun. I would say I like single player experiences, but then I played the entire campaign of Raft with friends and Journey still makes me cry. I would say that I don’t like combat, but Kingdom Hearts was pretty much my entire childhood.

I guess what I’m saying is that, when I took that gamer motivation profile quiz that tells you what kind of gamer you are, I got a lot of mixed results. Seriously, why is competition and community in the same section? Those are two completely different things! I love a good community, user made levels, chatting in the lobby, good stuff. Co-op play is my jam, but competitive play is just not on my radar at all.

Pseudoscience is what it is!


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