We Bare Bears Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross stitch pattern of the cast of We Bare Bears: Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear. They’re so cute together. Download the PDF here: bears-pattern

Grid Size: 152W x 93H
Design Area: 10.71″ x 6.50″ (150 x 91 stitches)
Colors: 6


I didn’t expect to like We Bare Bears when it first came out. Something about bears taking selfies just put me off, but I watched it anyway and I am so glad I did. The bears are adorable and not nearly as annoying as I expected. The show doesn’t shoehorn in modern slang just to appeal to kids like so many other shows do. It works those thing into characterization. Panda is constantly on his phone because of is crippling self doubt and need to be validated, not because some network executive thought it would sell apps.


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