We Bare Bears Cross Stitch Pattern Bear Stack


Cross stitch pattern of the cast of We Bare Bears in their signature stack formation. Super simple, great for beginners. Download the PDF here: bear-stack-pattern

Grid Size: 72W x 122H
Design Area: 5.00″ x 8.57″ (70 x 120 stitches)
Colors: 4


You can hear the theme song in your head just by looking at those fluffy fuzzy bears! I love We Bare Bears. You might think it’s stupid, but my favorite episode has to be The Road. I have fond memories of playing with boxes as a kid and this episode is just the fulfillment of my dream to have more boxes than I could imagine. I remember making a crawl through haunted house with my grade school friends out of these huge refrigerator boxes donated by someone’s dad who worked at Home Depot. It wasn’t really all that scary, but it was a blast to make!



  1. Hi dear,

    I love ur work! I’m thinking of doing as a birthday gift but I’m wondering how do u frame ur cross stitch work?


    • I’m pretty cheap so I usually take my finished project to a thrift store and get a frame there. They are usually of higher quality than ones you would get new. If you want to splurge on a frame, I recommend using a professional framing service since the framer can give you tips on colors, shapes, and mats.


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