Steven Universe Cross Stitch Pattern Lapis Lazuli

Cross stitch pattern of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. The pattern is easy to follow and uses only full stitches. Download the PDF here: lapis-pattern

Grid Size: 99W x 115H
Design Area: 6.93″ x 8.07″ (97 x 113 stitches)
Colors: 7


Oh Steven Universe, how do I love thee? There’s a lot of people who hate Steven Universe for one reason or another and I don’t understand it. The episodes are short, sweet, and with a nice mixture of funny and serious points. It’s a good show and I find myself coming back to it week after week. Lapis isn’t my favorite character, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that I often make my patterns based on design and her water wings are too awesome to pass up.


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