Free Alice in Wonderland Cross Stitch Patterns

Alice Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I’ve also made a simplified version for kids or Perler beads. Thanks to Nemu for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Alice Colorful and the simple version here: Alice Simple Pattern

Grid Size: 22W x 48H
Design Area: 1.43″ x 3.29″ (20 x 46 stitches)
Colors: 14
Simplified Colors: 7

Alice Simple Preview

Alice Colorful_Page_1

This sprite is from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I used to own the game back in the GBA days and played the heck out of it. The game was awkward to play because of the card system, but I just couldn’t stop myself from trying to collect all the cards. I dow the game is far from perfect, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. I loved how I could pretty much make my own levels the way I wanted as long as I had the cards for it and the collectible cards gave me a reason to go back to old levels. The story was really eerie and I liked meeting a whole new group of characters with cool abilities. I liked being able to play as Riku for the first time and I liked seeing two sides of the same story. I bought the remake for the PS2, but I never played it though. I got it after Kingdom Hearts II and at the time I had kind of gotten tired of the series. I skipped Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, but I did enjoy 358/2 Days, so I’m not totally out on the series. They’ve been teasing Kingdom Hears III for years, but I think the developers have gone a bit cold on it too. It’s a nice bit of nostalgia, but I think it’s had its day.

Alice Simple Pattern_Page_1



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