Free Chibi Sailor Mercury Cross Stitch Pattern Sailor Moon

Chibi Mercury Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. Thanks to The Obscure Spriter for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Chibi Mercury Pattern

Grid Size: 53W x 52H
Design Area: 3.64″ x 3.57″ (51 x 50 stitches)
Colors: 13

Chibi Mercury Pattern_Page_1

Growing up, I always looked up to Sailor Mercury. She was calm and smart but could throw down with the rest of them when the time came. I really liked that duality of brains and brawn. I remember having a keychain of her that cost me way too much at a con. I even had a doll of her from back when KB Toys still existed. I’ve still got the whole set somewhere. They look kind of weird with a little plastic tiara screwed to their foreheads. They might actually be worth something if I could find them all.


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