Free One Punch Man Cross Stitch Pattern Saitama

Saitama Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Saitama from One Punch Man. He would look good made out of Perler beads too. Stick around and find out who my favorite character is below or download the PDF here: Saitama Pattern

Grid Size: 42W x 99H
Design Area: 2.86″ x 6.93″ (40 x 97 stitches)
Colors: 10

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Saitama Pattern_Page_1

So I made this before I realized that backstitches were a thing. His eyes look really blocky, but I think the pattern turned out okay. If I were to do another one, I would probably pick a better pose and maybe go for a more simplistic style like I did for my Yuri on Ice pattern. Oh, and check out my Tatsumaki pattern.

As for my thought on One Punch Man, I love it! My favorite hero is Mumen Rider. Why you ask? Okay, this may seem stupid, but there are some things in anime that just don’t come across in manga. I just really love the way he’s animated okay. When he’s riding his bike, you can tell that every movement has the same kind of weight that you would normally find in a fight scene. You can feel him struggling up a hill or cycling at top speed. There’s this scene early on where he gets off his bike and in any other anime, this wouldn’t even be animated, but here he’s given these few seconds to dismount and set up his kickstand before addressing this band of thugs. Everything about his dinky bicycle is given the same amount of significance as a giant mecha and I love it! Keep riding Mumen Rider! I’m rooting for you!


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