Star Wars Cross Stitch Pattern X-Wing

Xwing Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the X-Wing from Star Wars. Try this with Perler beads too. Thanks to ACE Spark for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Xwing Pattern

Grid Size: 68W x 32H
Design Area: 4.71″ x 2.14″ (66 x 30 stitches)
Colors: 4

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Xwing Pattern_Page_1

Get the free matching Millennium Falcon pattern too.

I’m back from my trip. No one wants to hear about it though, so let me tell you about the cool board games I played.

Last Will: It’s a game about intentionally going bankrupt in old timey England and my favorite of the bunch. It has an interesting mechanic where at the beginning of each round you choose the turn order so that going last can actually be beneficial since it can allow for more actions or more cards to draw. I liked how open ended the game is so that you can win using almost any strategy, except farms, screw farms. This one has a great sense of atmosphere. I really do feel rich choosing between spending a day on a yacht with a beautiful guest or going to an expensive restaurant with my personal chef.

Lords of Waterdeep: It’s a resource management game with a dash of city building and a Dungeons and Dragons theme. I really liked constructing buildings, but I feel like that part of the game could have been stronger. What kind of city only allows for ten buildings? Anyway, the real draw is completing quests by turning in the right amount of resources. It’s a great feeling to set  up a building and get a free resource whenever someone uses it. There are lots of lords you can play as so the goals can be different each time you play.

Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s a team game about making money to buy your lady a lavish outfit for the ball or being said lady and picking an outfit. This one is strange because the two players in each team have very different roles. I got to play both sides and the gentlemen’s side is significantly less complex than the ladies’ especially if you’re playing with gossip, however the men’s side still has an equal effect on the final score so it might be better for newcomers. I love team games and this is one of the best since you’re never sure if you’re going to win until the end.


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