Patreon Only Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern True Pacifist Ending

Sunset Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the true pacifist ending of Undertale. Such a beautiful sunset. I grabbed this screenshot myself after playing though the game. Donate to my Patreon to unlock and download this pattern.

Grid Size: 298W x 125H
Design Area: 21.29″ x 8.93″ (298 x 125 stitches)
Colors: 14

Sunset Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I just realized something cool. I know Undertale says it’s screen resolution is 640×420 but that’s because it’s doubled. It’s actually 320×210 which is small enough to fit inside the 3DS’s 400×240 pixels. Oh man, I really want a 3DS port of this game now!

In other news, I’m on a camping trip, so you guys only get a short post from me. Sorry guys, I’ll have something more substantial to say the next time I post an Undertale pattern.


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