Free Maya Fey Cross Stitch Pattern Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Maya Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series. Thanks to Kyougi Ryu for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Maya Pattern

Grid Size: 63W x 68H
Design Area: 4.29″ x 4.71″ (60 x 66 stitches)
Colors: 14

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Maya Pattern_Page_1

The Ace Attorney series is one of my favorites. It’s strange, on paper it doesn’t seem very interesting at all. It’s just some court drama from Japan. I remember first buying it because I was into visual novels at the time. Now, in later games you can see the weirdos right on the box and it hints at the humor, but my first game was Justice for All and the only oddball on that box is Pearl who could easily be just a mascot character. I didn’t expect the humor to be so spot on and I feel like I got a better experience because of it.

Oh shoot, the table isn’t symmetrical! Oh well, too late now.


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