Free SkiFree Cross Stitch Pattern Windows 95

Ski Free Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the skier and Yeti from SkiFree. Thanks to Wing Wang Wao for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Ski Free Pattern

Grid Size: 57W x 44H
Design Area: 3.93″ x 3.00″ (55 x 42 stitches)
Colors: 9

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Ski Free Pattern_Page_1

I don’t know if you remember the Best of Entertainment pack that came bundled with a lot of Windows 95 PCs back in the day, but I sure do, and the nostalgia hit’s me so hard whenever I see something that reminds me of Chip’s Challenge or Rodent’s Revenge. I played these games relentlessly as a kid, and it is the only reason I know how to play some classic games like Majong or Blackjack. I remember being confused as to why a game called Golf had nothing to do with golf and resolved never to learn how to play it in protest. Ski Free was a go to time waster, though it took me longer than I’d like to admit to get down the controls. I always thought I was bad at the game because I kept getting eaten, but that’s just part of the game. The Abominable Snowman will always eat you, just like the inevitable heat death of the universe.


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