Free Lego Ghost Cross Stitch Pattern Halloween

Boo Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a Lego ghost with the quote “Boo! Did I scare you?” Thanks to DarkGrievous7145 for the sprite. The ghost by itself fits on a normal Perler board. Download the PDF here: Boo Pattern

Grid Size: 41W x 54H
Design Area: 2.79″ x 3.71″ (39 x 52 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Boo Pattern_Page_1

A little off season, but if you’re like me, it might take you until Halloween to finish it. I love Halloween! I trick or treated way past when it stopped being cool to trick or treat. I was in high school, and I never thought, “Oh this is going to be the last time.” I just decided to skip one year and then I skipped the next year too, and never went out trick or treating again. It’s kind of sad how you can change so subtly and not even see it until it’s too late.



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