Public Domain Rainbow Mandala Cross Stitch Pattern for Clever Octopus

Mandala Preview

Look, it’s my very first Public Domain cross stitch pattern. Unlike my other patterns, this one is completely free of all copyright as I have released it into the Public Domain using the CC0 license. You may use, sell, and alter this pattern however you see fit just as if it were Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes. The files include attribution, but there’s no need to keep it on the file.

Grid Size:49W x 49H
Design Area:3.50″ x 3.50″ (49 x 49 stitches)
Colors: 8

You might be wondering why I would give up my copyright to this pattern. The truth is that I am donating these files to a creative reuse center, Clever Octopus. They’re a nonprofit that takes in art supplies donations and uses them in outreach programs.

I noticed that Clever Octopus sold craft kits and embroidery floss, but not cross stitch kits. I contacted them and now they can put a pattern in their floss grab bags so people have some inspiration. I designed this to work with any colors, so it doesn’t have to be rainbow.

And you can too! If you have an organization in mind, you can donate this pattern to them also. There are so many craft related groups out there that could use this to teach people cross stitching without worrying about lawyers getting uppitty about fair use.

If this sort of thing interests you, then I have a Patreon where folks can support me and let me know if I should do more Public Domain patterns. Or you can donate to Clever Octopus here.

PNG files:

PDF files:

Mandala Pattern Color

Mandala Pattern Color No Symbols

Mandala Pattern Black and White

You can purchase a stitched version of this pattern from Abby Cat Cross Stitch.

Samantha Peoples



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