Free The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Cross Stitch Pattern

Revolution Televised Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the quote, “The revolution will not be televised.” from the spoken word song of the same name by Gil Scott Heron. This pattern is meant to be stitched on black aida. Download the PDF here: Revolution Televised Pattern

Grid Size: 86W x 49H
Design Area: 6.00″ x 3.36″ (84 x 47 stitches)
Colors: 6

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Revolution Televised Pattern_Page_1

“The revolution will not go better with Coke.”

“The revolution will not fight germs that may cause bad breath.”

There’s an easy interpretation of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised of anti consumption, and I feel like even if I don’t fully understand the cultural references, it’s pretty clearly a jab at people who consume revolutionary content without actually participating.
But then again, the revolution will not be on the trending page of Youtube because the revolution is so rarely newsworthy. Yeah, huge protests will get press, and those are important, even if the media will almost always focus on looting, violence, and vandalization instead of the actual reasons behind protests.

But the real revolution is the small everyday changes that people make together, things that won’t even be documented let alone televised, like a group of employees pushing past the taboo and talking openly about how much they get paid, or a Food Stamps recipient being open to their friends about being on government assistance. These tiny moments are what the revolution is made of, learning that needing support is not something to be ashamed of or worse, something that you need a drug test and an emailed copy of your tax returns to prove.

Because that’s what the revolution is all about, making sure that the people who need support are taken seriously and given the help they need so that everyone can live without a knee on their neck.

The revolution doesn’t happen when Grian and Mumbo Jumbo open a Black Lives Matter Minecraft server. It won’t happen when Joe Biden wears a rainbow colored suit in July or when Tesla hires an all female board of directors. Those things will be televised.

It happens when asking for help and helping those in need becomes a sign of strength instead of weakness. It happens when everyday people reach out to each other in solidarity, not just to be ready when asked, but to actively make that connection.

“The revolution will be live.”


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