Patreon Only Wonder Woman Cross Stitch Pattern Gal Gadot

Wonder Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. This is a Patreon only pattern so you can only get it by donating to my Patreon. I have it in both PNG and PDF formats. There are a bunch of other special patterns too.

Grid Size: 148W x 99H
Design Area: 10.43″ x 6.93″ (146 x 97 stitches)
Colors: 16

Wonder Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Wonder Woman is my favorite super hero movie since the first Iron Man. I love how smoothly the story is told and how well it builds intensity. You can read my whole review of the movie here.

As for the pattern, I’m still learning how to make something look realistic. I usually do cartoons because they easily translate to sprites, but real people have different colors and lighting. It’s not as easy, but I am determined to get better!


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