Patreon Only Pickle Rick Cross Stitch Pattern Rick and Morty

Pickle Rick Preview.png

Cross stitch pattern of Pickle Rick in his rat suit from Rick and Morty. There’s some special stitches because the face didn’t look right without them. Donate to my Patreon to unlock this pattern.

Grid Size: 66W x 120H
Design Area: 4.57″ x 8.43″ (64 x 118 stitches)
Colors: 19

Pickle Rick Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

How much of Pickle Rick is actually pickle? He has eyes and a tongue but the back of his mouth is green. So it could just be his brain and facial features. Maybe I should stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed.

What really impressed me in this episode was the way the therapist addressed the Smith family on their own terms, accepting their truth and working with it to find the core problem. It’s easy to assume that your reality is the only right one, but you can’t help someone get better if you can’t work within their world. If someone truly believes they are a dog, then you’ll get nowhere if you base your arguments on the fact that they are human. She casually accepts that certain things are true even though she doesn’t believe them for the purposes of seeing the base human emotions underneath them.



  1. You have become my hero! LOL my daughter and I are obsessed with Rick and Morty!! She talks about It so much the kids at her school called her Pickle Rick… I’m so glad I found this. I so would donate much more than a dollar to you but my husband would probably beat the crap outta me for using his bank card without permission and he already said no:( Your work is absolutely amazing by the way!!! Can’t wait to show my daughter.


  2. I am just starting out with cross stitch & embroidery, I am a Rick & Marty SuperMegaFan. I self identify as Dave C137 – I love your patterns & would like to buy them all if they’re $1 each. Let me know where to etransfer you


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