Free Undertale Cross Stitch Pattern Grillby’s Pub

Grillby's Preview

Huge cross stitch pattern of Grillby’s Pub from Undertale. This is a direct rip from the game so it’s really big, but I couldn’t bring myself to crop anything out. Download the PDF here: Grillby’s Pattern

Grid Size: 320W x 240H
Design Area: 22.86″ x 17.14″ (320 x 240 stitches)
Colors: 22

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Grillbys Pattern_Page_1

I say it’s a direct rip, but I did make a few changes, most notably Frisk now looks like they’re actually sitting on the bar stool rather than standing on it. Those stools look really weird in the original too, like they were hastily edited then never fixed. Oh well, hopefully they look okay now. Doggo’s pale pink shirt got the ax too. I couldn’t justify the color when it’s only used for a couple of stitches. I have a Patreon only pattern of the sunset from the true pacifist ending, but I kind of regret putting it behind a pay wall. Maybe someday I’ll make it free.


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