Free Naruto Cross Stitch Pattern Shippuden

Naruto Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Naruto in his Shippuden outfit. Thanks to Dazz and Fret for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Naruto Pattern

Grid Size: 112W x 54H
Design Area: 7.86″ x 3.71″ (110 x 52 stitches)
Colors: 13

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Naruto Pattern_Page_1

I’ve been putting off watching Boruto, but I know that if I wait too long, I’m never going to watch it. I guess maybe I’ve moved on from basic shounen fight anime. I loved Mob Psycho and I’m getting ready to watch My Hero Academia– Oh my god, WordPress keeps snapping back to the top of the page whenever it saves and it’s driving me crazy! Can’t talk about Naruto now. Too many glitches.


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