Free Spirited Away Cross Stitch Pattern Haku And Chihiro

Spirited Away Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away. Download the PDF here: Spirited Away Pattern

Grid Size: 93W x 100H
Design Area: 6.50″ x 7.00″ (91 x 98 stitches)
Colors: 17

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Spirited Away Pattern_Page_1

I always loved the way food is depicted in Spirited Away. When I first watched the movie, I thought they would go all out with the gluttony aspect of food, and they do sometimes. No Face orders tons of food for himself and Chihiro’s parents gorge themselves on food, but there is also a comforting aspect explored, like when Chihiro eats a bun to wash away a bad taste or in this scene where Haku gives her onigiri. There’s even a bit where Chihiro feeds the soot sprites. Food isn’t bad. It’s just corrupting in large quantities. I like how there is this sort of vague morality to everything in Spirited Away that really brings the world to life.


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  1. I’m not sure when this was even posted but I wanted to leave a comment of my appreciation, this is one of my favorite scenes in spirited away and I was absolutely delighted to happen upon this.


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