Free Night in the Woods Cross Stitch Pattern Gregg Crimes!

Gregg Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Greggory Lee from Night in the Woods. Download the PDF here: Gregg Pattern

Grid Size: 81W x 110H
Design Area: 5.64″ x 7.71″ (79 x 108 stitches)
Colors: 7

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Gregg Pattern_Page_1

Did you know that if you go frame by frame on Gregg’s flail animation, his arms are actually not quite as noodley as you would expect. He never has one arm up and one down. I always thought that happened but it doesn’t. Weird.

As a habit, I try to check if someone else has made a cross stitch pattern of something already before I make it. I always get a little peeved when I see a fandom that has only patterns for sale and no free ones. Come on NitW fans, where’s your crafting spirit?

I listened to this song on loop while making this.


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