Free .hack//sign Cross Stitch Pattern Kite and Tsukasa Dot Hack

Hack Dolls Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Tsukasa and Kite from the .hack// series. Thanks to Grave the Undead for the sprites. Download the PDF here: Hack Dolls Pattern

Grid Size: 70W x 49H
Design Area: 4.86″ x 3.29″ (68 x 46 stitches)
Colors: 16

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Hack Dolls Pattern_Page_1

There’s a mechanic in the original .hack games where you could trade with fake players. The thing is that a lot of the players wanted more than one of the same item like ten silver axes. It’s pretty accurate to real life RPGs, but it makes me wonder if there was some kind of crafting mechanic that I didn’t know about or was dropped late in development, like you could take five spark blades to make a shadow blades. I don’t know.


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