Free Link Cross Stitch Pattern Zelda

Link Portrait2 Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Link from Legend of Zelda. Thanks to MisterMike for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Link Portrait2 Pattern

Grid Size:105W x 142H
Design Area:7.36″ x 10.07″ (103 x 141 stitches)
Colors: 12

I bet you didn’t know that my Patron Natasha Lidkea is a demon who works in the dining car on the train to hell. They sell all sorts of foods for the unlucky passengers, but everything is spiced with cayenne pepper.

Link Portrait2 Pattern_Page_1

My favorite Zelda race is the Zoras. They’re such an interesting take on merfolk with a lot of wildly different designs and colors. I can’t help but get inspired by them in a way that the other races don’t. There are all sorts of undersea creatures that would make great inspiration for Zoras.

I once saw a fan art concept sketch for a koi Zora, and now I really want to see one in game. And if you search for Zora OCs, you get so many creative results from squids to puffer fish, and ahh, I want a game with all of them!

Alright, next Zelda game is just going to be oops all Zoras. I’m calling it.


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