Patreon Only Phoenix Wright Cross Stitch Pattern

Phoenix Wright Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Phoenix Wright. Donate to my Patreon for this pattern and others in both PNG and PDF formats.

Grid Size: 53W x 77H
Design Area: 3.64″ x 5.36″ (51 x 75 stitches)
Colors: 13

Phoenix Wright Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Phoenix Wright has got to be one of my favorite video game franchises ever, right after Pokemon and right before Katamari. Yeah, the series goes through female sidekicks faster than Doctor Who, but I still love it. There’s a great sense of continuity throughout the games even if not everything makes sense. I like seeing recurring characters as they age making me feel like Phoenix is actually progressing in his field. It’s something you don’t really find in Professor Layton, the series that’s number four on my list.


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