Free Pinky and The Brain Cross Stitch Pattern Animaniacs

The Brain Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Brain from Animaniacs. Thanks to Sonicfan32 for the sprite. Download the PDF here: The Brain Pattern

Grid Size: 85W x 74H
Design Area: 5.93″ x 5.14″ (83 x 72 stitches)
Colors: 8

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The Brain Pattern_Page_1

I had a fantastic trip to London. It’s weird, Thursday felt super long to me. We were on the plane through the early morning hours and got into Gatwick at like 7am. We checked in at the Bloc Hotel, which has these awesome tiny hotel rooms where the bed hits three walls and the toilet and sink are in the shower. We went to sleep and I woke up in the afternoon. The rest of my family wanted to sleep more so I ended up just walking around Gatwick Airport for a few hours. This might be a stupid thing to latch on to, but there’s a footpath near the rental cars. It has a fence separating it from the parking lot. The weird thing is that the posts look modern but the rails look ancient, like someone specifically went out of their way to line this walkway, that no one is going to use, with artisanal fencing intentionally made to look old. Why? I guess it shouldn’t have made such an impact on me but jet lag does weird things to people.

Anyway, my siblings and I wanted to go somewhere after dinner so we bought the cheapest ticket at the train station. Gatwick to Three Bridges. Savvy Brits will know that this is a pretty useless ticket since Three Bridges is just one station away. With our sleep addled brains, we found the right platform and going in the right direction… however it was still the wrong train. We got on an express train that didn’t stop at Three Bridges, because frankly who wants to go to Three Bridges anyway? Not us, not at all! We did end up getting back to Three Bridges though. We saw one bridge, but it probably wasn’t one of the elite bridges that named the area. We passed a pub with the most delightfully British name imaginable, The Snooty Fox. My brother wanted to go in, but I had forgotten my ID. It was only afterwards that I realized that this is not the US where they card everyone and their grandma. They probably would have let us in. I am not the smartest.

I also ended up accidentally buying round trip tickets back to Three Bridges because I didn’t realize I could have done that from the beginning. We finally got back to the hotel at around midnight and Thursday finally ended. It was a silly day. The jet lag was brutal.


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