Free Metroid Cross Stitch Pattern

Metroid Adult Preview

Cross stitch pattern of an adult metroid from Super Metroid. Thanks to Bob Bobiam for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Metroid Adult Pattern

Grid Size: 80W x 88H
Design Area: 5.57″ x 6.14″ (78 x 86 stitches)
Colors: 14

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Metroid Adult Pattern_Page_1

So I work for a laboratory in receiving. We sometimes get some strange stuff. Recently we got in a box just like every other box, but boy did it throw me. I opened the box and immediately was hit by a strong unusual smell. Looking into the box, I saw a bag of some brown lumpy substance. I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that someone had just sent us a bag of poop. But something wasn’t right. In those few seconds of panic, I realized that the smell was strong, but not a poop smell. I took a closer look at the bag, but there were no labels or barcodes associated with an ordered tissue matrix like liver or kidney. There was no paperwork or manifest if this was some sort of sample. The box was a normal styrofoam cryobox but it had no dry ice, only freezer packs. My head was spinning until I asked a coworker to help.

“That looks like jerky!”

And that was it, that was the smell! My head just saw something that looked gross and automatically assumed that the smell was gross even though it wasn’t. Now that I knew what it was, it smelled fantastic. Turns out it was home made venison jerky that was sent to one of my coworkers from a family member who had gone hunting. No wonder there was no paperwork.


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