Free D.Va Cross Stitch Pattern Overwatch


This pattern was a request by my patron, Alice Rajaona! The art is probably by Pixel Ninja but I’m not sure because it’s not in her gallery. This is such a well circulated gif that I can’t pinpoint an original source.  If anyone knows the artist, let me know and I’ll give them credit. Download the PDF here: D.Va Pattern

Grid Size: 400W x 281H

Design Area: 28.57″ x 20.07″ (400 x 281 stitches)

Colors: 44

D.Va Pattern_Page_1

So many colors! This is definitely not a cross stitch that I would ever stitch myself, but I can appreciate the idea of always having something to work on when you’re bored. Honestly, it would take me years to finish this. It’s an awesome piece of art though.


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