Free Judy Jetson Cross Stitch Pattern The Jetsons

Judy Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Judy Jetson from The Jetsons. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Judy Pattern

Grid Size: 70W x 72H
Design Area: 4.86″ x 5.00″ (68 x 70 stitches)
Colors: 8

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Judy Pattern_Page_1

I went to a local Twitch meetup with a streamer friend of mine. It was at an arcade/bar. They had a bunch of retro arcade cabinets and pinball machines. The funny thing was that I hadn’t played most of the games, but I could recognize a lot of the sprites from all the patterns I’ve made. I got to play that one Simpsons beat em up which was good. I also got to try Golden Axe, which was surprisingly fun even though it was hard to tell if I had hit the enemy or not. I played CarnEvil too. I never got into rail shooters as a kid, but I’ve been missing out! Highlight of the evening was Killer Queen. It’s a ten player team based game with two huge cabinets. They let us play for free for hours and I definitely needed it. The flying mechanic is really hard to get down so I ended up playing as one of the four workers most of the time. I even got to be on the front page of Twitch for a while. I’ll try not to let the fame go to my head.


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