Patreon Only White Mage Cross Stitch Pattern

White Mage Preview

Cross stitch pattern of White Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics. This pattern was a special request from my Patron, NinjaGoemon. Donate to my Patreon if you want your own special pattern.

Grid Size: 56W x 100H
Design Area: 3.86″ x 7.00″  (54 x 98 stitches)
Colors: 12

White Mage Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I went to a convention this weekend. My favorite surprisingly good panel was a spotlight on Garrett Wang (Voyager). He was so funny, but it never came through on Star Trek because he didn’t play a comedic character. My biggest let down was the panel with the voice actors for Aladdin, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. It was just so painfully generic and boring compared to other VA panels I’ve been to.

As for Cosplay highlights, I saw an adorable old woman dressed as Grandma Coco. I didn’t get a picture though. I also saw a lady cosplaying Moonshine from Not Another D&D Podcast. She said I was the first person to recognize her and I almost didn’t because she had some pieces from a friend’s cosplay next to her and I thought she had been wearing a different costume and the overalls were just what she had on underneath, but then she pulled out a trident and I just had to ask for a picture.

I bought an awesome pair of socks with Science Dog on them and a sweet shirt with a pair of catfish with cat faces. It’s all watercolory and artsy and I love it. I also got a Detective Pikachu shirt that they screen printed right in front of me. It was cool to see how they did it. They had a drying oven that they put the shirt in and it kind of felt like getting your sandwich toasted at Subway.

I got a funnel cake with all the toppings and some cotton candy. Man, I hadn’t had cotton candy in forever. I also tried a pizza cone, which is pizza but cone shaped, so exactly what it says on the tin. It was pretty good but I paid way too much for it. I guess that’s just how it goes at cons.

I played a short session of D&D too. I asked them to print me a premade high elf wizard, then another guy joined who was also playing a high elf wizard. He was level 1 and I was level 3 so he agreed to be my apprentice. Then every time I screwed up, I would say something like, “You didn’t see that.” or “This is just a lesson on what not to do.” We had a cool bit where we were back to back fighting baddies with magic missiles flying everywhere. It was pretty epic up until the point where he died in a fire. He was only level 1 after all.


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