Free Peridot Cross Stitch Pattern Steven Universe

Peridot Portrait Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Peridot as she appears in Steven Universe: Dreamland Arcade. Thanks to Meep Morp Master for the pose. Download the PDF here: Peridot Portrait Pattern

Grid Size: 52W x 47H
Design Area: 3.57″ x 3.14″ (50 x 44 stitches)
Colors: 8

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Peridot Portrait Pattern_Page_1

OwO oh no ÒwÓ

Peridot is fantastic. I think she’s probably the safest autistic coded character to show to children who have autism because you get to see her learn and change while keeping her same base personality. Hers is a story of progress as opposed, say, Drax who stays pretty much the same or Entrapta who falls into the whole mental illness=evil trope.


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