Free Ed, Edd n Eddy Cross Stitch Pattern Ed’s Jawbreaker

Ed Jawbreaker Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Ed eating a jawbreaker from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Thanks to Video_Pochi for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Ed Jawbreaker Pattern

Grid Size: 77W x 71H
Design Area: 5.43″ x 4.93″ (76 x 69 stitches)
Colors: 11

I have a Patron, Diana Brown, who is a fairy cuisine specialist. There’s this dish with milk, nutmeg, and mushrooms that is surprisingly good and that even a human can do. The tricky part is handling all the tiny cookware.

Ed Jawbreaker Pattern_Page_1

I didn’t realize before that Ed, Edd n Eddy doesn’t use the Oxford comma. Scandalous! I am definitely pro Oxford comma even though a lot of people don’t use it. I just feel like it adds uniformity to the look of a list and I don’t have to worry about an ambiguous grouping at the end.

Also, jawbreakers are awesome. I remember getting them as a kid. I didn’t see them very often so it was always a hard choice between a giant rainbow lollipop and a huge jawbreaker on a stick. I usually went with the lollipop just because I thought it was bigger and would last longer. Little did I know that lollipops dissolve faster than jawbreakers and they probably would have lasted the same amount of time despite the size difference. Actually, I can’t find any real science on this other than a kid’s science fair project which had a woefully inadequate sample size.

Also, I can’t put Ed, Edd n Eddy as one of my tags because of the comma. My tags shall forever be *gasp* minutely inaccurate!


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