Free Ruby Rose Cross Stitch Pattern RWBY

Ruby Battle Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Ruby Rose from RWBY. Thanks to Ehm for the BlazBlue sprite. Download the PDF here: Ruby Battle Pattern

Grid Size: 142W x 189H
Design Area: 10.14″ x 13.50″ (142 x 189 stitches)
Colors: 22

My Patron Austin Durham lives at the top of a shear ocean cliff. Each year, sea griffins migrate there to make their nests in the craggy cliffs. Austin loves to watch the newly hatched griffin chicks take their first flight over the waves.

Ruby Battle Pattern_Page_1

I got to play that anime role playing game, BESM. It’s still in beta, but me and some friends tried it out together. We played an introductory scenario with premade characters. The thing is that we all wanted to try and customize our characters and learn about character creation, so we messed with our abilities and equipment. Nowhere did it tell us that if we did this then we would not be able to finish the module. Even if we did use the characters straight off the sheet, we still probably couldn’t have won. Our DM had to severely debuff encounters so we wouldn’t die. It was a good framework for a game, but boy do they need to playtest this story more.


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