Patreon Only Stevonnie Cross Stitch Pattern Steven Universe

Stevonnie Preview.png

Cross stitch pattern of Stevonnie from Steven Universe. Donate to my Patreon to unlock this and a bunch of other awesome patterns. Every little bit helps keep me on track.

Grid Size: 110W x 95H
Design Area: 7.71″ x 6.64″ (108 x 93 stitches)
Colors: 13

Stevonnie Pattern_Page_1 - Copy.png

I’m finally caught up with Steven Universe in preparation for the movie. Seeing the Diamonds fight each other was brilliant. I love the sort of dysfunctional family dynamic they have going on. Even though the time scale of White’s turn around was a little too compact to be realistic, the concept behind it is still solid. Seeing everyone working together at the end to bring back all the corrupted gems brought some warmth to my cold heart. I wonder if they’ll go help the Cluster or if they’ll leave the Cluster alone now that it’s stable. I assume there are a lot of gems back on Homeworld who miss them. I don’t know, maybe it will turn out that every gem is actually a chipped off part of White Diamond and the only way to help them is to return them to White. There are so many theories and I’m super excited for the movie.


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