Free City Pokemon Cross Stitch Pattern Hypno, Porygon, and Elekid

Pokemon City Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Hypno, Porygon, and Elekid chilling out in the city. Thanks to Mr. C for the sprites that I edited. Download the PDF here: Pokemon City Pattern

Grid Size: 90W x 55H
Design Area: 6.43″ x 3.93″ (90 x 55 stitches)
Colors: 12

My Patron Marissa works at one of those “we buy gold” pawn shops. Little does the public know that these places are actually stock piling gold to give as tribute to local dragons to stop them from destroying cities. It’s true!

Pokemon City Pattern_Page_1

I watched a movie called The Man From Earth. It’s about a guy who is trying to tell his friends that he’s immortal and has lived through all of human history. It’s an interesting premise. I love how all his friends have different opinions on what is really going on. The one downside is that there isn’t a character who takes the claim at face value, something that would have made the character interactions more balanced. As it is, it’s mostly people talking to the main character with the assumption that he’s crazy. Having a devil’s advocate would have brought more life to the scenes where the supporting characters talk to each other, forcing them to support their beliefs. The film is still really interesting regardless, and I recommend it for anyone who likes slow sci-fi thought experiments and character dramas.

The sequel looks god awful from the trailer though.


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