Free Ragna Cross Stitch Pattern BlazBlue

Ragna Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Ragna from BlazBlue. Thanks to @ArcSystemWorksU for the sprite. Download the PDF here: Ragna Pattern

Grid Size: 56W x 41H
Design Area: 3.86″ x 2.79″  (54 x 39 stitches)
Colors: 8

My Patron, NinjaGoemon peaked into a cavern lit brightly by volcanic undersea vents. All around were red and white tube worms living in clumps and completely covering what must have been a huge long deserted city, and in the water wafted a cacophony of sound, the sounds of thousands of creatures calling out to one another across the boiling bubbles. The worms could not move, but they could sing.

Ragna Pattern_Page_1

I went on a trip to Evermore. It’s a theme park with no rides that specializes in a roleplay experience. There are actors and quests and dungeons. It’s a unique sort of thing and I think the concept could really catch on if they could get it down. I think the main thing that held me back was that it was difficult to tell who was an actor and who was just in costume.

Oh, but let me tell you about the fun we had! There was a man with a duck outside the reptile show. He said that the duck is the true king of Evermore. I overheard an organic conversation between a guest and the duck handler about a rumor that the king was actually a shapeshifter. And that’s when I knew this was going to be good. There’s so much lore here, and it felt like playing D&D in real life.

We joined a gang who sent us on a mission to spy on some foreign dignitaries. I found them, and here’s the bit of quality, all four of them had different answers to my questions. You could tell that these actors had constructed different personalities and weren’t just reading off a script. I mean, they were still planning on turning the place into a vassal state and opening up the portals to potentially dangerous dimensions, but they had character!

Oh, and one time we went into the tavern and a bunch of pirates where singing What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor? and they were getting suggestions from the guests. And everyone was suggesting mean things like shattering the bottle on his head and slapping him. So when the captain asked for a final verse I called out to give him a kiss on the lips, and the captain said he liked my style. It just made me so happy to hear everyone in the tavern singing the lyrics I made up, and ending the song on a high note. You have no idea.

I almost forgot about the gold too. So, as you’re questing through Evermore, NPCs may give you a rare piece of gold for doing something exceptional. Not just for completing quests or participating, but rather you might go the whole night without winning one. At the very end of the night, I stopped by the bird and reptile area to say goodbye to the king and the owl they had brought out, and the owl minders say to me that if I tell them a good joke, then they’ll give me a gold piece, but it has to be a really good one. Apparently mine was so good, that the man had to go back inside to get an extra piece, so I got two gold out of this one.

What was the joke?

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff. Ba-dum tsss.


One comment

  1. I’ve recently gotten back into cross stitch (did it as a kid but hadn’t for a long long time), so I’ve been going through your posts…
    I think I’ve now read the entire story of NinjaGoemon’s undersea, wormsong-minding, ghost-gathering, ghost town proprietressing adventures, and after the first few (by which I mean the last few, since I’ve been reading posts starting from most recent and thus read the story bits in reverse, haha), I was really very invested. I’m glad to finally learn the origin of The Song with this post. XD

    Also, Evermore sounds amazing! 😮


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