Trans Rights Cross Stitch Pattern and Understanding the Anti Trans Mentality

Trans Rights Preview

Cross stitch pattern of the quote “trans rights are human rights” in the colors of the trans flag. Download the PDF here: Trans Rights Pattern

Grid Size:98W x 80H
Design Area:6.86″ x 5.57″ (96 x 78 stitches)
Colors: 3

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Trans Rights Pattern_Page_1

TW Transphobia:

I recently stopped visiting a website that I used to love because of increasing transphobia, but before I left, I opened up to some users about trans issues. I wanted to understand what was going on in their heads, because I thought that maybe with understanding I could reach them. My sources are those conversations, and yes I know that a dozen or so people on the internet are not exactly indicative of the greater whole, but I’d like to get this out there so that maybe people could understand each other a little better.

There’s a core belief that staunchly anti-trans people hold, that there is no real reason for anyone to be trans. They believe that if someone were to look at all the facts and consider all the contributing factors, then no rational person would come to the conclusion that they are transgender. Therefore, people who say they are trans must be lying, being manipulated, or searching for some personal gain.

From this core belief stems an anger. People who are anti-trans are fed up with society enabling and encouraging liars. They feel like they are normal people standing with the truth and fighting to save the world from insanity. There is a desperation to their interactions with trans people. Accepting a person as transgender and using their preferred pronouns is giving up on them and letting them live a lie. They cannot sit idly by and allow people to be brainwashed.

Of course, there are millions of completely valid reasons for people to come out as trans, but anti-trans people don’t see that. They see crazy people shouting, getting triggered by the slightest things, and pulling the trans card to get special treatment. Sharing your story and explaining your reasoning, maybe that will help, maybe it won’t, but shouting definitely won’t win anyone over.

There’s a human tendency to look at everyone who doesn’t agree with you as one homogenous group, however that generally isn’t the case. Transphobia can be expressed in a lot of different ways and for a lot of different reasons. Yes there are people out there who are unreasonable and will likely die still hating trans people, but on the other hand, there are people who are just going with the anti trans flow and don’t really feel strongly about it. It’s these people who might be one trans friend away from being an ally. And I know that it’s not your job to teach every transphobe that they’re wrong, but maybe just being there and being visible could slowly coax them into believing that leaving behind bigotry was their idea.

Oh and vote for trans supportive politicians.


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