Sushi Mouse Video Tutorial How I make Cross Stitch Patterns



Here’s the video for my Sushi Mouse pattern. Video making is a very different skill than what I’m currently doing, but I feel like learning it is an important step forward for me. I watch a lot of Youtube, and part of me always thinks, “I can do that.” But, then I never do it. Well, this is me taking my first steps and putting myself out there.

I feel so proud.

I didn’t have to do this. Some boss of cross stitching didn’t send me a stern email threatening to fire me if I didn’t make a video. I did it because I wanted to, and I knew that, if I got good at it, people would like it. Then eventually, I’ll have a whole bunch of videos and it will feel just like this site, something I can treasure, something that I’ll be remembered for.

Maybe later I’ll make my own outro music, or add voice over, or animate my logo, or start streaming, or all sorts of things, but right now, today I have this one video, and that’s good for today.

Patrons get early access by the way. I’m sure you were all wondering.




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