Patreon Only Sushi Mouse Cross Stitch Pattern

Sushi Mouse Preview

Cross stitch pattern of a mouse in a handroll sushi. This one is special for my Patrons over on Patreon. Join in and you’ll get the PDF and PNG files.

Grid Size: 66W x 75H
Design Area: 4.64″ x 5.21″ (65 x 73 stitches)
Colors: 11

Did you know my Patron Nicole MacMahon is a smuggler who sails the treacherous air currents between Sky Islands and West Wind Bay. No one knows who they really are, but tales say that during storms at night you can hear them howling in the wind.

Sushi Mouse Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

Lately I’ve been learning video editing and it’s harder than it looks. This pattern was my first project that I recorded myself making, and oh boy is there more pressure when you know everything you do is on tape. It takes some extra willpower not to edit out mistakes that’s for sure.

Videos will be free for everyone but my Patrons will get early access.

I’ll be posting the video soon, so stay tuned, but don’t get too excited. I’m still a beginner.


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